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    Fortunately I was absent on the night the stays broke on the bells. Although I am sad not to be ringing at St John’s it has been a treat to return to St Mary’s. Not only are the bells a ladylike weight but the tower is well maintained, attractive and, that rare thing, clean. I find myself looking at the fluff on the carpet and thinking, “if only it was a smooth surface I would sweep it up”. This in contrast to the typical tower where decade old dust, clashing décor and a lack of funding for maintenance results in a quaint “olde worlde” feel.

    Sunday ringing was pleasant this week. There were six of us and as two were learners we stuck to rounds, plain hunt and the occasional burst of Grandsire. I winced every time I rang out of place. It embarrasses me that even after 6 years of ringing I frequently don’t strike my bell in the right place. I am brilliant at counting and knowing where I should be (except in methods that I haven’t looked up beforehand) but lack the finesse of touch to strike my bell at the right time. I hold onto the thought that perhaps by the time I am 50 I will be better!

    Last night I missed my second practise night of the autumn. It was for a good cause though. I went to see a magic lantern show in hackney at The Last Tuesday Society, see What a beautiful art form. There was an informative and witty talk about the history of the magic lantern and a great variety of slides. I have added magic lantern to my list for Santa, along with a set of silver hand bells and a unicorn.

    So, having incurred the timid wrath of the tower captain for skipping a practise night I aim to strike even better than normal this coming Sunday!


Bellringing at St. John's Leytonstone


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